Propane for Home

Approved as a “green” alternative fuel by the Clean Air act of 1990, propane is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels.
It is safe, convenient, reliable and mostly domestically produced.

Home Heating

Enjoy the many benefits and comforts propane provides – reliable furnaces, warming fireplaces, high-efficiency water heaters, and space heaters – all that keep you warm and cozy while providing energy and cost-saving benefits.

Fueling Appliances

Love efficiency and reliability? Propane appliances like clothes dryers, oven ranges, and water heaters provide cost savings and keep things running smoothly. Consider bundling all your appliances for the best in convenience and to get the most out of versatile propane.

Pool Heating

Extend swim season with a propane pool heater and dive into a perfectly-heated pool… every time. Propane is great for heating inground and aboveground swimming pools, spas and whirlpools. Ultra-efficient, cost-effective, durable and reliable, propane pool heaters are easy to install and low in maintenance.

Outdoor Living Space

Extend your private outdoors with propane heaters, fire pits, BBQ grills, decorative lighting and more. Propane-powered appliances transform backyards, patios and walkways into inviting outside living spaces you can enjoy all year long. Attractive, convenient, versatile and cost-efficient, today’s outdoor living propane appliances have never been more popular.

Powering Generators

Don’t be in the dark! With an increase in power outages affecting a growing number of people each year, standby and portable generators are ever-popular and in demand. Today’s generators are robust and a smart investment in maintaining safety and comforts.

BBQ Tank Exchange

No need to despair when you have a spare! We’re here to help – from propane tank refills and exchanges for grills, to patio heaters, to portable generators and more. With hundreds of convenient fill and exchange stations, you can always stay BBQ-ready.